How To Flash HTC Mogul/Titan


Alrighty, as promised, here is my guide on how to flash the Mogul. This will only work for the XV6800, PPC 6800, Mogul, Titan.

Below are the links you might need.

Unlocker and Radio mentioned in video:

The Kitchen:


Duration : 0:9:25

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  1. moisessanchezpanama says:

    Hey dude
    i have …

    Hey dude
    i have this phone on sprint and i want to flash it over to cricket can u help me plz?

  2. wormsdriver76 says:

    ok, i unlocked the …
    ok, i unlocked the phone, flash the radio, but now the phone is stuck on SPRINT startup screen…
    please help!!!!!!

  3. omar252 says:

    the link for the …
    the link for the unlocker is’nt working

  4. y2jcjy2j7 says:


    You have no …

    You have no thought how long ive spent trying to learn to load custom roms on my mogul, ive read so many forums and instructions, and they are so confusing and never been able to do it. I cant thank you enough for making a video.

  5. jg9099 says:

    Can i do this with …
    Can i do this with metro pcs????

  6. TheMadMusicMan says:

    You personal files.
    You personal files.

  7. TheMadMusicMan says:

    Check the side like …
    Check the side like I said.

  8. TheMadMusicMan says:

    Carrier means …
    Carrier means nothing.

  9. TheMadMusicMan says:

    It’s not for the …
    It’s not for the TyTn it’s for the CDMA Titan.

  10. TheMadMusicMan says:

    It works with Vista …
    It works with Vista. But I do not know if 64 bit is suported, I use 32.

  11. tina2mina says:

    Hey, thanks a lot …
    Hey, thanks a lot for the tutorial…I want to question a question and I hope u can help me bcz I m going crazy looking for it. I had windows XP b4, but now after the XP crashed down, I had to buy a new desktop and it is Vista 64-bit version. So, will the Olipro 2.4 work on Vista 64-bit??? Bcz when I was trying to use my ancient 6800 unlocker called Hard-SPL, that I used to use in XP is not running in my new vista computer. it is saying that it is not compatible or something like that. Please help ????

  12. mrgoooodbarr says:

    what is the first …
    what is the first thing that i do to even start the process,,, newbie,, what do i need to back up ???

  13. duceQ says:

    where the you …
    where the you getting all the files you have up
    oli2.4 or the or stuff start from zero not in the middle of the stuff

  14. Johnnyboybravo says:

    will this work with …
    will this work with cellular south?

  15. NguyenStayouner says:

    when i load the spy …
    when i load the spy loader thing, my phone just freezes, i have a htc tytn, help me

  16. TheMadMusicMan says:

    QSPT can do that …
    QSPT can do that very simple. Anyways, glad to hear it’s working.

  17. roundboxx says:

    I finally got …
    I finally got everything back to normal but it was a major pain. I had to manually set the SPC back to 000000 in order to get OTA to work.

  18. TheMadMusicMan says:

    You should never …
    You should never let customizations run. The only time you should do that is if you need the ancient PRI, which would only be if you need to revert MR1 to WM6 on Verizon version. Flash an Alltell ROM and let those customizations run. You can update radio without a Sprint ROM too. I load 3.42.50 over an RUU.

    Worst comes to worst, get it replaced under warrenty.

  19. roundboxx says:

    You forgot to …
    You forgot to mention that you shouldn’t load the Sprint customizations when updating the radio. I have an Alltel phone that won’t connect now because it’s trying to use the Sprint settings. Any thoughts?

  20. Signified713 says:

    Excellent tutorial!
    Excellent tutorial!

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