Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC Touch Pro2 !! (Xandroid)

HTC Touch Pro 2 with Windows Mobile 6.5 ..running an Android 2.2 (Froyo) !! (Xandroid version )

Credits to XDA Developers and Community!!

info about “how to do it” :

Duration : 0:10:25

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  1. fiorez007 says:

    @DraconianTroll …
    @DraconianTroll Simply Watch the video with both speakers off and it will be better ;-)
    PS: music taken from youtube’s list :-P –>> Thumbs down to Youtube :-D ByE

  2. DraconianTroll says:

    Thumbs down for …
    Thumbs down for subjecting me to that horrible music

  3. pkotu says:

    If anyone can …

    If anyone can help me..
    I’m installin android 2.2 froyo on my htc touch pro 2 and everything is ok, BUT.. when I turn on os with android, then my phone can’t reach any kind of network (gsm)!! When i try to set this in settings of network he is searching, and searching.. 0 results. 30 minutes searching and nothing… what can i do? Wi fi for example is workin 100%. ‘Only’ this.. :/

  4. fiorez007 says:

    @juanthebost Hi man …
    @juanthebost Hi man! If you try to run Xdandroid using are not going to lose’s just like run a windows mobile software…if you are going to Flash an android rom on your will lose your main windows mobile functionality..for more info check xda forum or link in the descriptions ;-)

  5. juanthebost says:

    to install android …
    to install android phone will not lose any function (bluetooth, wifi etc ..)

  6. fiorez007 says:

    @Pete8r Hi Pete8r! …
    @Pete8r Hi Pete8r! i google a while and noticed that HTC Touch Pro2 T7373 is a Rhodium100 ..more or less like i reckon you can try Xdandroid BLAZN version using haret without any problem, basically you are just running a software on windows mobile ;-) …If you want to completely change your rom with an Android rom..i suggest you first to contact XDA forum for more info and support…in the BLAZN Version use their startup so you can simply choose the best STARTUP.txt for your phone,ByE!

  7. Pete8r says:

    can it work on the …
    can it work on the T7373 Unlocked GSM Smartphone International Version???

  8. fiorez007 says:

    @lilwill991 hi man …
    @lilwill991 hi man ! thanks for replying here! ..weird that wifi is not working..try to question to xda forum or check the BLAZN –>> BLAZN version android ;-) and try that version ;-) ByE

  9. lilwill991 says:

    hey ma the wifi …
    hey ma the wifi will not connect

  10. lilwill991 says:

    hey ma the wifi …
    hey ma the wifi will not connet

  11. fiorez007 says:

    @cdmallen so..if ” …
    @cdmallen so..if “force_cdma=1″ means CDMA working.. “force_cdma=0″ means CDMA not Working ^_^ simple enough ;-)

  12. fiorez007 says:

    @cdmallen FAQ in …
    @cdmallen FAQ in description will tell you… anyway here’s what they say about CDMA
    Why isn’t my CDMA 3G Data not working, or why is it always coming up in Airplane Mode?
    First make sure you are trying with “Force CDMA” box checked in the startup utility. Or add “force_cdma=1″ to the cmdline in your startup.txt

  13. cdmallen says:

    just wana question how …
    just wana question how do u disable theCDMA?

  14. fiorez007 says:

    @YoungTMac08 hello! …
    @YoungTMac08 hello! ..maybe you have a incorrect have to disable CDMA network because your phone is a GSM..i had no network and the solution was to edit the startup.. check xda forum for more info or email me here ;-) ByE

  15. YoungTMac08 says:

    Hey, I did all this …
    Hey, I did all this, but none of my phone info comes up. I can’t make calls or text because it doesn’t show that its on a network…any suggestions?

  16. fiorez007 says:

    @prrico01 Thanks …
    @prrico01 Thanks for watching ^_^ ByE

  17. fiorez007 says:

    @kingreal78 Hi! yes …
    @kingreal78 Hi! yes it’s an Italian HTC touch Pro 2 brand.. ;-) ByE

  18. fiorez007 says:

    answered using …
    answered using youtube email.. anyway for those who read here..this things are not currently working: 1)BT 2)Camera 3)Battery Meter (about 75% fixed now) for more info check out websites in the descrpition..

  19. xoxoSwaqqerificxoxo says:

    Hi I’m getting an …
    Hi I’m getting an HTC Touch Pro 2 and I want to install Android 2.2 on it as well. My question though is that I heard when you install the android on your phone the camera, bluetooth, and music player doesn’t work at all. Is that Right?

  20. phillybob233 says:

    @kingreal78 thats …
    @kingreal78 thats the unlocked and unbranded model, made mostly for the european gsm market I reckon. That one got the front facing camera and everything.

  21. chuchfever says:

    any tips with …
    any tips with battery meter??

  22. kingreal78 says:

    that dont look like …
    that dont look like my htc touchpro2 i which company u using

  23. wilc4u says:


  24. wilc4u says:


  25. fiorez007 says:

    @sourcow56 Sorry …
    @sourcow56 Sorry man..for this kind of should check XDA forum and question there ;-)

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